An optimal adaptive control of DC-Microgrid with the aim of accurate current sharing and voltage regulation according to the load variation and gray-wolf optimization

Document Type : Original Article


1 China Three Gorges University, Hubei, China

2 University of engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan

3 University of Southern Denmark, Sønderborg, Denmark


Today, DC microgrids provide the possibility to provide proper management and control for energy storage systems, generation sources, consumers, and other power components. The droop control method is one of the most common methods used in DC microgrids. One of the main challenges in the droop control method is that it is not possible to share the current and regulate the voltage at the same time in this method. To overcome the weaknesses of the voltage drop control method, the paper presents an adaptive control method that can be used to share the current and adjust the voltage accordingly based on the load condition. When the load in the microgrid is low, the output current is lower than the maximum limit and so current sharing is not a difficult challenge. When the load increases to the point where the output current exceeds the maximum limit then current sharing becomes very important. Using this method, this problem is solved by increasing the total gain decrease. For more accuracy, a gray-wolf algorithm has been used to optimize the droop gains. The performance of the proposed method has been verified through a set of simulations, and the results confirm the effectiveness of the proposed method for the DC microgrid.