Investigation of Different Components of Steel Metal utilizing Artificial Intelligence

Document Type : Original Article


1 Qadisiyah University, science college, biotechnology department

2 Babylon University, College of Science, physics and laser department


Due to the reality that the investigation and plan of structures are based on tried-and-error strategies and the utilize of auxiliary examination program for this reason required a huge sum of time for computing in computers, so utilizing surmised methods that have the correct accuracy can be valuable. Within the display proposal, an analysis of steel Components utilizing Artificial intelligence is explored employing a multi-layer perceptron. The success rate of diverse preparing algorithm has been studied and compared to the detailed reply and pointed to imperative focuses within the preparing of the Artificial intelligence. Subsequently, in common, it can be said that the precision of the organize in getting particular values of steel components is more influenced by this issue, and each of the training algorithms (LM), (BR), and (SCG) have the capacity to precisely reach the reply.